About Spotting BC

Spotting BC is a smaller kennel in Aalborg, in the northern part of Denmark. The kennel is owned by me, Siri, and I breed about one litter annually. I am driven to one overall breeding goal:

I aim to breed healthy, strong and hard-working border collies. Dogs that function well in everyday life, are not sensitive, friendly and social. Dogs that are passionate about working and pleasing their handlers.

I only choose to make a litter if I think the combination adds something to the breed, and if the combination is so good that I myself would keep a puppy from it. Unfortunately it is not always possible for me to keep a puppy from a litter, but luckily I have great puppy buyers who are good at telling me their dogs strengths and weaknesses. This is invaluable knowledge in breeding work.

I choose dogs based on their working qualities, health and temperament. The appearance of the dogs is of no importance to me, but a healthy dog ​​must have a healthy build. Color, ear position and other cosmetic details are unimportant to me in breeding.

I believe that honesty is essential in the cooperation between puppy owners and potential puppy buyers and breeders. I want to tell honestly about the good and weak sides of the individuals I choose for breeding. Because all dogs have weak sides. It is our task, in breeding, to reduce these and compensate for them. I also want to have a good and honest dialogue with puppy buyers.

I sell puppies to puppy buyers who want to work with their dogs. I have no ambitions on behalf of my puppy buyers, but I want them to have ambitions themselves. It can be ambitions to become world champion or ambitions to become the world’s best training partner and perhaps participate in a local competition. One goal is not worth more to me than the other. The most important thing for me is that the puppy buyer and the puppy match each other and that the puppy buyer loves his dog.

Are you interested in a puppy? Then you are always welcome to contact me. Before doing so, it may be beneficial to think about what you want to use your border collie for and what kind of life you imagine you will have together. I sell both to experienced dog handlers and less experienced dog handlers, but I do not sell puppies to people who do not want to work with their dogs.